Introducing Team Efficient

Science. Lots of people do it or are interested in it. But many may not be fully aware of the work behind the scenes that make the science we hear about. I am a Research Technician and am going to use this blog to tell the tales of the hard work, repetitive but often funny antics that happen as part of the life of a technician.

I have been a technician for 4 years. I fell into this job role by accident really. After graduating with a degree in Environmental Conservation, I spent a hapless couple of years in retail earning some money and desperately trying to get a job in conservation, and randomly applied for a technician job mostly because it had fieldwork involved and I like being outdoors. I have now become a weed ecologist after spending two years at Sheffield University on my hands and knees measuring the height and number of leaves of various weeds and now currently work at Rothamsted Research on the most prolific weed troubling farmers in the UK. My sole existence at Rothamsted is to study Black-grass, a competitive weed species found in wheat fields predominantly across England and is a particular problem because it has developed resistance to the herbicides that farmers would normally use to spray to get rid of it.

I am a rare thing in science in that I don’t wear a lab coat!! At least not if I can help it and only when I am spraying plants which isn’t that often. I am much more at home in the greenhouses or sandbeds and doing all the practical side of experiments. I work very closely with another technician, Richard and through our previous experiments of a giant magnitude (more of this in my next post) we have termed ourselves Team Efficient. No task is too big or too complicated for us, the proof is in the sign on our office door…..

I love being a technician because the role is so varied, rarely are two days the same and doing the practical side of science suits me. And I hope my future posts will give you an insight into the little known life of a technician and the fun that Team Efficient can have all in the name of science.


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